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    Fraejix's Introduction / AMA

    What do you main on Overwatch? I'm a PS4 player- tank main, Orisa and D.Va mostly but I flex to Zarya and very rarely to Lucio and Moira if it's absolutely necessary.
  2. Lupo

    Any Holiday Traditions?

    That sounds so good! And fun! We used to make chocolate candies, but we've started doing that only for Easter ^^"
  3. Lupo

    Official EVENT | December Holiday Build Contest

    Minecraft name: LupoIsLost Brief build description: Christmas Tree! I had snowmen here but they died to rain.... Coordinates (Or you can PM them instead to me): -3008, -901 Screenshots (optional):
  4. Lupo

    Any Holiday Traditions?

    Just to stir some talk up on here- does anyone have some fun holiday traditions they'd like to share? I personally don't have many. We do make a lot of Hungarian Nuthorns and homemade meatballs and raviollis, but other than that- I guess the only 'tradition' we have is hunting down Marzipan in...
  5. Lupo

    Official EVENT | December Holiday Build Contest

    Good luck to all participants!
  6. Lupo

    *lifts tail* Nya <3

    *puts bow on tail* I hope your transition is going well so far! If you ever want a fellow LGBTQ+ friend to talk to, just message me!
  7. Lupo

    Official NEWS | Holiday Spirit Events & December Updates

    Dang this looks awesome! Excited to get on! And the snowfall effect on the site is super cute.
  8. Lupo

    Lupo Makes An Entrance

    Figured I might as well introduce myself a bit! Hello! I'm Lupo, full ign LupoIsLost. I used to go by LostLupo/Germanly/Ludwiggle/LupoLight, but I decided to keep my name over my games relatively similar. I mostly play MC for the grind actually, I find it relaxing, but I also like building and...
  9. Lupo

    Official REQUEST | Daily Job Quest Ideas

    So I don't know like, good percent ranges so I'm just going to use Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Super Lucky for the chances, Super Lucky maybe being the most rare ones and Common being well, common. Also, since I'm terrible at determining decent prizes, I separate prize OPTIONS with //. So like-...