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Join one of six unique races, each granting special passives. However, such strength does not come without a cost as each race also has a weakness. Whether you're an underwater undine or a forest-loving dryad, you're bound to find your calling.
Creatures of the forest, Dryads thrive in the forest and are a relatively peaceful people. Beware however, if you endanger the forest, they will not hesitate to launch an assault.
Aura of Nature I
Passive health regeneration while in forest biomes.
Nature Mastery
Immune to poison, nausea, and slowness
Aura of Nature II
While adept in the forest, Dryads are particularly lacking in consitution. Thus, Dryads have 8 hearts instead of 10.
While a relatively young race, Humans are hearty, excellent craftsman, and protectors of others.
10% extra jobs income.
15% McMMO and Vanilla XP gain.
Strong Willed
2 extra hearts.
Due to continuous hard work, Humans find themselves having to replenish hunger frequently.
Born from fire, Ifrits prefer being in scorching hot, typically uninhabitable areas.
Flame Born
Immune to fire and increased movement speed in lava.
Hot to the Touch
Deals fire damage to attacker when hit while close.
Aura of Flame
Passive health regeneration while in lava.
Given that they are beings of fire, Ifrits are damaged by water and rain.
Mountain and cave dwellers, Oreads are home in the mountain, with natural mining efficiency.
Cavernous I
Night-vision and increased mining speed in darkness
Increased movement speed at night in darkness.
Cavernous II
Oreads find sunlight irritating and thus have decreased movement speed during daytime in light.
Mimics are abominations. They are not truly one race, yet they can shift between any race at leisure. *Premium race.
Undine are water creatures that feel more at home while in water than on land.
Aqua Mastery
Waterbreathing and clear vision in water.
Increased speed in water.
Strength I while in water or rain. Strength II while in water during rain.
Continuous water exposure has thinned Undine skin, thus they take 25% more damage from all sources and experience weakness I.
Race Evolution
There are three racial evolutions which are unlocked in various ways, with evolutions unlocking an additional passive. The first evolution is obtained by trading a Race Token to the Race Master, accessed through a portal in Lucenria's Spawn Town. Race Tokens can be forged at the Blacksmith using 10 Race Token Shards, which can be obtained rarely as drops from any custom created mobs, purchased from the Weekly Rare Merchant, or rarely as any crate rewards. Once you have reached the second evolution, you will begin earning Mastery Levels when defeating mobs, especially dungeon mobs. Once 100 Mastery Levels have been obtained, speak to the Race Master again to trade in your Mastery Levels to evolve.