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Lucenria boasts many alternative Realms, each with a certain purpose. Explore each Realm today!
Lucenria is the main Realm, composed of the Overworld, the End, and the Nether. It is a PvP enabled zone while in wilderness, however you are safe from PvP within Town claims.
Race Evolution
There are three racial evolutions which are unlocked in various ways, with evolutions unlocking an additional passive. The first evolution is obtained by trading a Race Token to the Race Master, accessed through a portal in Lucenria's Spawn Town. Race Tokens can be forged at the Blacksmith using 10 Race Token Shards, which can be obtained rarely as drops from any custom created mobs, purchased from the Weekly Rare Merchant, or rarely as any crate rewards. Once you have reached the second evolution, you will begin earning Mastery Levels when defeating mobs, especially dungeon mobs. Once 100 Mastery Levels have been obtained, speak to the Race Master again to trade in your Mastery Levels to evolve.