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We possess a few common sense rules to ensure Lucenria is a safe and welcoming environment for all.


We believe some structure is necessary to help maintain a positive and enjoyable environment for all players. Just be a decent human and you'll be fine!

If necessary, we will deliver consequences that are logical with the objective that they will help you learn.

Latest Changes:

Be considerate of all Lucenria users and its resources to help ensure that everyone can play in a safe and welcoming environment.

Inappropriate behaviour includes:

  • Any form of bullying (e.g. discrimination, harassment). We have zero-tolerance for bullying as it can have serious mental and phyisical health consequences.
  • AFK machines.We have an AFK-timer for a reason. AFK-ing hogs server resources that could be used for players that are actively playing.
  • Advertising or discussing other servers.Would you walk into a coffee shop to talk about how amazing another coffee shop is?
  • Scamming.
  • Griefing claimed land. If unclaimed, cannot maliciously destroy, but items are fair-game.
  • Inappropriate usernames, builds, item names, etc.
  • Redstone that causes server-side lag.

Be honest with other users and maintain integrity with respect to using client modifications, etc.

Inappropriate behaviour includes:

  • Alternate accounts. We host various events with attractive rewards. To prevent some users from obtaining multiples of these rewards due to multiple accounts, we ask that you don't use alt accounts.
  • Falsifying information about users.
  • Abusing bugs/exploits.
  • Any unfair means of obtaining an advantage (hacks, macros, etc).
  • Impersonating other users.

Be courteous to other users when using chat in-game and when using the forums.

Inappropriate behaviour includes:

  • Languages not spoken by our staff members in public chat. We encourage users of all backgrounds to play on Lucenria, however since staff can’t effectively moderate users they don’t understand, we ask that you keep other languages to non-public channels.
  • Spamming or excessive swearing/capitals.
  • Using chat channels for purposes other than their specified purpose.
  • Drama in public chat.

Be mindful of player safety when playing on Lucenria. All users have a right to play in a safe environment.

Inappropriate behaviour includes:

  • Doxing/DDoSing threats/attacks.
  • Threatening players.
  • Phishing attempts.
  • Staff impersonation.