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  1. Lupo

    Any Holiday Traditions?

    Just to stir some talk up on here- does anyone have some fun holiday traditions they'd like to share? I personally don't have many. We do make a lot of Hungarian Nuthorns and homemade meatballs and raviollis, but other than that- I guess the only 'tradition' we have is hunting down Marzipan in...
  2. Lupo

    Lupo Makes An Entrance

    Figured I might as well introduce myself a bit! Hello! I'm Lupo, full ign LupoIsLost. I used to go by LostLupo/Germanly/Ludwiggle/LupoLight, but I decided to keep my name over my games relatively similar. I mostly play MC for the grind actually, I find it relaxing, but I also like building and...