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April 4, 2019


Lady of Lucenria
Bug fixes:
- Fixed playershop plot rental duration not working as intended - now correctly allows a maximum of 2 weeks rental at a time.
- Fixed a bug with teleport crystals at spawn not registering target name.
- Fixed a bug with registering custom mob kill counts to /bestiary
- Fixed task description error with Davy Jones' Locker task
- Fixed forge not working - still not working completely as intended
- Fixed bug with playershops breaking custom items
- Corrected NPC teleport locations in /faq - Krantz
- Fixed Artifact Merchant not granting remote crusher/remote forge

- Added ability to check the balance of other players using /bal playername - suggested by Chador33

- Old tiered dust may not work at the Artisan when trying to craft urns. Currently working on a system that allows you to exchange it for working dust.
- Something weird going on with maximum daily tasks that can be progressed in every 6 hours. Still investigating.