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Custom Trails/glow effects


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Just like the titles for 8-12$ do the same for trails by putting a listing here to buy them or combine certain trails into other ones making a cool effect(ex: dripping lava+smoke for fire walking or something) or just list separate trails to buy for say 5-8$ each and for combined trails 10$ then for custom trails/glow effects 12-15$. Just to throw this idea because I cant wait to see how the lover package's trails look <3 xSrT5CO.png

That is a client side trail effect from a mod but it may give an idea of what I'm talking about <3
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This would be awesome but I'd like to see more items that could be unlocked by achievements rather than money, of course, I am pro server financing but it may get boring if we just have to buy everything, so imagine if we killed like a speedy boss and got a trail like that from it I reckon it'd be sick or even craft the ability to do so. I love the idea though!