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Official DEV BLOG | Weekly Progress Update

Note: dev blogs will be posted bi-weekly to ensure we've got a good chunk of new information confirmed and ready to go.

Greetings, adventurers.

Lucenria will now be posting weekly dev blogs bi-weekly on Fridays to keep you informed about progress we're making behind the scenes on features, bug fixes, etc. None of the following are actually live, it's just a snapshot of what we've been working on and plans for the following weeks.

Below is a list of additions/changes/fixes that are completed on Lucenria's private test server.


  • Fixed /ignore (PMs still go through. If you're being PM'd after you've explicitly asked a player to stop, send us a screenshot and we'll remove PM privileges)
  • Fixed chat tagging. Use @Playername. Only users with the ability to use colour codes in chat will see their tags coloured, however. Tagged players will hear a "ping" sound if music is enabled.
  • Fixed all daily tasks except tasks that accept multiple targets - still waiting for plugin dev to fix this. They're likely busy with 1.14 updating.

  • New command to quickly grab and copy your current coordinates. Use /coords, click coordinates in chat, then CTRL + A and CTRL + C to copy coordinates.
  • Added new convenience feature for Noble+ rank for the Crusher - shift right-click on a tiered item to place all items of that tier (excluding worn armour) into the Crusher. Doesn't work from the Crusher to your inventory.
  • Added new Re-processor NPC - converts old, non-functioning items into their working variants. Currently only supports old Lustrous Dusts, Custom Enchantment Books, unanalyzed Celenite, and Ancient Tomes. If you've found another type of item that's old and non-functioning, please submit a bug report on our website or via Discord using !bug so we can add it.
    • Notes: The re-processor inventory only shows items you have in your inventory that can be reprocessed. If you have none, it will be empty. For custom enchantment books, only one appears in the re-processor at a time.
  • Added new Archivist NPC - will convert custom enchantment books into XP (based on enchantment tier; uses lowest available tier for that enchantment which is determined by name colour) and has a chance to grant arcanyx.
  • Added task master, slayer master, traveller, and Serith to /faq NPCs.
  • Added arcanyx, XP bottles, Archived XP, remote forge, and remote crusher to special items in /faq. Also updated some existing special items in /faq as to where to obtain them.
  • Added daily tasks info to economy section of /faq
  • Added working healthbars to mobs.

  • Modified /help command to now be an extensive command directory, in contrast to /faq which describes our features and has few commands.
  • Expanded crusher inventory to 4 rows.
  • Custom enchantment books received graphical update, now displays what tier the enchantment can be received from. Colour of enchantment book name is based on the lowest tier that enchantment can be found in. Also changed item from book to enchanted book.
  • Ancient tomes received graphical update.
  • Custom enchantment book rarity updated:
    • Common -> 1 star (light gray)
    • Rare -> 2 star (pink/light gray)
    • Legendary -> 3 star (gold)
  • Updated newbie starter guide book to be more comprehensive, also grants book in inventory on join in addition to opening it on join. Also created a modified version anyone can obtain using /starterguide.
  • Updated join title messages
  • Updated tablist design
  • Updated MOTD design
  • Updated serverlist design
  • Renamed unanalyzed Celenite to Raw Celenite to help further differentiate the items. Speak to the Re-Processor NPC to convert old unanalyzed Celenite into new working variant.
  • Updated /settings graphically and also added
  • Removed bounties from /faq
  • Updated /settings appearance and organization

Below is a list of current developments on the private test server.

In progress:
  • Expanding starting tutorial area such that it's now interactive with respect to custom item crafting and custom mobs. Players have the option to skip the bulk of the tutorial. However, if the tutorial is skipped, players will not receive their starter gear and tools as they need to help the Blacksmith in order for him to give them free gear.
  • Mob balancing and overhaul. Mobs now have levels and tiers based on how many blocks from spawn they are. The level determines their tier. Mob level increases by 1 every 250 blocks from spawn. Mobs near spawn are very easy to kill to help new players get accustomed to our custom mobs, however they also have lesser drops. Mobs present in Lucenria will also now be found in oceans and the Nether to give our Undine and Ifrit friends some mobs to fight. We've been testing the mobs the best we can, but we'll need your feedback once we update as well.
  • Evaluating and improving mob spawning mechanics.

Below is a list of upcoming developments to be started.

  • Mob droptable overhaul. We've already got a basic outline for the system, just need to work on implementing and testing it.
  • Per player scoreboard that's completely customizable and toggleable. If you have an idea of something you'd like to be able to display on your scoreboard (i.e. money, rank, race, etc.) please let us know and we'll look into adding it as an option.
  • Adding ruins in Lucenria realm and the Nether. Ruins are guaranteed areas of mob spawning and the land cannot be edited by players. Hopefully will provide more consistent custom mob spawning.
  • Cluescrolls.
  • Grand teleportation system.

Once all of these things are completed, Acquisition Phase II will be released! I'll be able to give you an ETA during next Friday's dev blog.

We also plan on updating to 1.14 when it's stable, but server builds are still in their development stages and we've been testing it since 1.14 server release. While 1.14.1 did improve performance, there are still some critical bugs that need to be fixed before we can fully update. As always, we also have to wait for our plugins to update.

Thank you so much for everyone's patience and support while we get many of the fundamentals completed. Also, thank you to those of you who have been diligently posting bug reports and suggestions on our Discord. We really appreciate it and it's been incredibly helpful.

That's all for now!
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