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[Discord] April 24, 2019


Lady of Lucenria
- Various Discord improvements including:
- Functions can now be applied to uncached messages (i.e. old messages) (yay!)
- New suggestions and bug reports have numbers associated with them, which allows for use of !edit and !comment commands. The number will be displayed in brackets at the top of the suggestion.

These new commands will not work on old suggestions and bug-reports as they don't have numbers assigned. Note that old suggestions and bug reports may now have "undefined" in their title, ignore this as it's an artifact of not having an assigned number.

New Discord command details: (All this information is also in pinned messages in suggestions/bug reports channels + rules and info channel)
!edit <s or b> <number> <your edit here>: This command, without brackets, allows you to edit a suggestion (use s) or a bug-report (use b), that you have posted.
!comment <number> <your comment here>: This command is exclusively for suggestions and allows you to add feedback to a suggestion. These will be displayed above the suggestion in the suggestions channel.

Staff also have a new command that allows them to add official staff feedback when closing suggestions/bug-reports. This feedback will be displayed above player feedback when the message is moved to the Tracker channel (again, not applicable to old suggestions/bug reports without a number).

Again, these commands won't work on old messages that don't have a number associated with them!

New Discord status icon for bug-reports:
There is a new status icon exclusively for bug-reports that looks like a question mark. If staff apply this icon to your bug report, this means your report lacks details and isn't reproducible/understood. Add more details using !edit as described above.