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Do Custom Armor Enchants Stack?

I'm fiddling around with the custom enchant system and was curious if the custom armor enchants stacked or not. For example, If I have Gears III on my boots and Gears III on my leggings, will that effect stack on itself or just the single Gears III?

Thanks in advance for answering!


Lady of Lucenria
Hi Frankie.

I'm going to delve a bit deeper into this myself and get back to you as I'm going to test each enchantment individually.

However, in general, it seems that for non chance-based enchantments (e.g. gears), it only applies the effect from the highest power enchantment. So in this case, you'd receive the Gears III effect and it doesn't stack.

Regarding chance-based enchantments, I'm not sure if maybe having multiple enchantments of the same type increases the likelihood of the enchantment activating or not. I'm going to do some tests and I'll let you know!