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Recruitment for the town of Featherland has now begun.
This is Featherland; a land of the future. A land of peace. A memorial town that stands for what was, but what will be the future. A town everyone can and will get along in. A land of all races. A diverse utopia.

Undines - In the towns heart rests a home of water a place where all undines thrive. Full of coral and color. New optional living places for undines will open in a later undetermined time, and it will be more massive and better of a place to live.

Dryads - On the towns outskirts lies many types of forests ranging from dark oak, to taiga, and even mega taiga forests. Feel free to build.

Oreads - In the same hole as the Undines, lies a small cave, and a mini town. A tiny one that will be expanded in future days. The heartland for the Oread personnel.

Ifrits - Land has not been built for you yet but it will be tended to very soon. Preferably in the nether but possibly in the hole with the other races.

Humans - Well I didn't know how to plan for them, so they are free to live wherever. same as all the other races. Not required to live in the specific area made for you.

If told to do something by a member of higher power in the town, you are responsible to do it, if not its okay. if this is repeatable LOOK BELOW AT Punishment For Offences.
Follow server rules.
No raiding.
No greifing.
No excessive language.
I Feather am not responsible for your actions. Your actions represent your person and only your person.
Pointless builds are not acceptable.
No hostility.
Do not make war with other towns.
Just follow basic common sense and you'll be fine.

Punishment For Offences
If a rule above is broken.

Tier 1 Town Rule breaking

1st Offence - Warning #1
2nd Offence - Warning #2

3rd Offence - Warning #3 and you will be jailed in the town jail. If you escape and come back to the town. Automatic kick. Appeal-able kick.

Tier 2 More Severe Rule breaking

1st Offence - Town Jail
2nd Offence - Kicked, If your appeal is acceptable, re-invitation.
3rd Offence - Kick with no appeal and possible referral to staff for further evaluation on punishment.

Tier 3 Major Rule breaking

1st Offence - Kicked with appeal
2nd Offence - Kicked with no appeal and reported to staff depending on severity for further evaluation.
3rd Offence - Even if you're in my town or not you will be reported to staff and you will be punished.

Tier 4 Extreme
1st Offence - Perm Kick and Staff referral for further evaluation.

2nd Offence - Even if you're not in the town you will be reported and punished.
3rd Offence - Server Ban (which sets in the servers rules which are banable offences.) I can't ban you but I will have evidence to contribute to it.

If you don't break the rules, good for you, if you do then its not my fault. You should have read and followed the rules.

But aside from the harsh part of the recruitment. I hope to see you in my town doing great things on the server.

-Kitty_Time (aka. Feather)
Likes: Krantz