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Hello Lucenria and players,

My name in the game mywinter4ever and I am 22 years old, prior service member in the US Military and just here to enjoy the RPG elements/aspects of Minecraft and enjoying my time playing on the server. So far I enjoy it greatly.

I am looking to get into Minecraft Plugin Development, as well as Discord Bot Development creating my own Plugins/Mods as well as Discord Bots that all work together as well as Web Development. tying everything in to work seamlessly together.

I look forward to playing with you all!

Likes: Ninielsen


Lady of Lucenria
Welcome to Lucenria!

Glad to hear you're enjoying Lucenria so far and that you're enjoying the RPG elements of it. ^-^
The plugin chat interface you made looked really nice as well as your previous builds! I look forward to hopefully seeing some of your creations.

Thanks for joining us and hope to see you in-game!

~ LadyHope