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*lifts tail* Nya <3


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Hai Meow! My name in game is PsychaChi, people can call me Chi though or Naomi. I've played Minecraft most my life and since it's release and I enjoy playing MC servers, I never really got into the mod packs too much because I love people on servers, I always like to interact with as many people as I'm allowed to in a server if that means joining a big Town or Faction in many servers or just hanging around people creating a fun friend group.

Currently my real life consists of working with family and gaming alot, I can't list all the games I play because I go back and forth with alot of them so It's better to find me on Steam or run by me in Discord(Psycha#9475). I have 1 cat named Maxine, she's a cutie <3 but no other pets as of now. I am Transgender(MTF, Male to Female)so working my way around life is a little tough at the moment but it will get easier as I get use to the changes. I'm not very good at texting or talking in text as I am in voice because I can't process my thoughts well on paper or anything involving text very well(as you can see here lol)so I hope to catch more people coming into the discord more as it can get very fun with lots of people in it playing the server <3

Oki I think that's good nuff mew :x *nibbles fish*



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*puts bow on tail*

I hope your transition is going well so far! If you ever want a fellow LGBTQ+ friend to talk to, just message me!