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Lupo Makes An Entrance


New member
Figured I might as well introduce myself a bit! Hello! I'm Lupo, full ign LupoIsLost. I used to go by LostLupo/Germanly/Ludwiggle/LupoLight, but I decided to keep my name over my games relatively similar. I mostly play MC for the grind actually, I find it relaxing, but I also like building and collecting things

Other games I play are Overwatch(tank mains unite) and No Man's Sky, both on the PS4. I'm currently a college student for Video Editing, so I don't have much time for many other games.

A bit more personal, I am ace(asexual) and panromantic, I'm nonbinary with no preference for pronouns, and I like anime, the paranormal, Marvel, and Pixar movies. My favorite colors are grey and purple, and I like mostly any kind of music! The only exception being really repetitive country, or rap that's overly vulgar/about drugs.


Lady of Lucenria
Welcome to Lucenria, Lupo!

Ryan and I have also dabbled a bit in Overwatch (Ryan is a tank main too ;3), however we play on PC.

We look forward to having you here on Lucenria and thanks so much for your contributions thus far! (i.e. Daily Job Quests)

See you in-game! ^-^