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Official NEWS | Holiday Spirit Events & December Updates

Happy Holidays, Adventurers!

With much unanticipated delay, we are ready to release the beginnings of our December Holiday Spirit Events! Throughout December, participate in various events and earn fun, festive rewards.

Festivities in the Capital (Spawn)

The Capital has been decked out and will continue to be decorated throughout December.​

Spirit Snowfiend

All event information and means of participation can be accessed by speaking to the Spirit Snowfiend in the Capital (Spawn). (With the exception of the Advent Calendar, which replaces the regular daily reward Doggo).​

Advent Calendar

It's a bit too chilly for our Daily Reward Doggo to be outside, thus we have obtained another helper who is more suitable to the task. Access your daily rewards by petting Snowy the Polar Bear in Spawn. Make sure to log in throughout December to claim some exclusive holiday rewards!​

In spirit of the holidays, you can claim previously missed daily rewards during December! However, the calendar will be unavailable after December 25th, so make sure to claim all your rewards before this.​

The Spirit of Giving

Wrap presents for your friends! Obtain (empty) gift boxes and drag and drop onto the gift box onto an item to wrap it. You'll also be provided with the opportunity to nametag your present! Empty gift boxes can be obtained from the advent calendar, Holiday crackers, and they can also be purchased from the Spirit Snowfiend.​

Holiday Build Contest

Decorate your Town in spirit of the holidays! Whether you want to build a winter wonderland, or decorate your town to suit any holiday occasion this time of year, all are welcome to participate. To allow you to build wintery landscapes, we've disabled snow melting for the month of December.​

If you would like to participate, please sign up here.​

Judging will occur on December 20th. Don't worry if you aren't online at the time of judging, we will create a post showcasing the winner as well as any honourable mentions.​

All participants will receive 3x Holiday Crackers, while the winner will receive a special title, 10x holiday crackers, a race token shard, and their build will be eternally showcased on our website under events!​


Community Tidings

This is a 3-phase event that will occur throughout December and revolves around preparing the Capital for the holiday festivities.

Phase One:
The Capital needs your help growing its monumentous Christmas tree! Collect Festive Fertilizer drops from Festive Skeletons (they have red hats). Turn in 40 Fertilizers to the Spirit Snowfiend each day to receive a Holiday Cracker. If we collect enough fertilizer to grow the tree (amount remains unknown!), we will proceed onto Phase Two (details coming shortly). All participants will also receive a reward if Phase One is successfully completed.

Bug Fixes
- Tridents no longer disappear if thrown at friendly allies in Town land.
- Fixed item linking in chat (need to have Guard+ rank).

- Bounties removed. We felt that it didn't fit with our less-PvP focused atmosphere and it seemed to cause more problems than it was worth. Worry not, we'll be adding replacement features in the future.
- Modified Jobs limit (still relatively low). Limit is now dynamic and will increase as your Jobs level increases.
- Removed dropped item clear via The Void. It causes much frustration among players than the performance benefits it brings, if any. If we suffer performance loss as a result of excess entities, we will enable it again.

- Added a Priest NPC to the church in the Capital who will divorce you if your partner is offline.
- Added a combat logger. If you log out while in combat with a mob or a player (it will notify you), you will be killed. You cannot enter PvP-disabled Town land while in combat. You cannot fly while in combat. You cannot teleport away while tagged in combat.

Currently Working On
- Fixing /ignore
- Fixing various enchantment bugs
- Daily Jobs Quests
- Implementing Cosmetics

Thanks for reading! We hope to see you in-game and we hope you enjoy the events! <3



Dang this looks awesome! Excited to get on! And the snowfall effect on the site is super cute.