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Sumireko joins the battle!

(Wow I never made an introduction, embarrassing)
Heyo all, I'm Cloaked Occultist, CloakedOccultism or you may know me by my previous name, TsundeRed.
I was around during LucentCraft, the Lucenria beta and...well now. Since Lucenria's getting back into action I thought I might pop back in.
Most of my information about me is on my profile so I'll just summarise it with a bit more information added.

I'm 18 years old and have played MC since I was around 10 ,joining in Beta 1.7.
On the server I mainly just fish, relax and do some PvE(If you're into that, You should totally join my town Secret_Sealing_Club)
Most of my time has been spent on my house/mansion type building which took a total of 3 days of building by hand (With some help from the community with resources and suggestions, love you guys <3)

I mainly play Action RPG's, JRPG's, Bullet Hells, Some fighting games (specifically the touhou ones), MMOs and FPSs. So games like Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, Touhou, Team Fortress 2, Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy.
As shown by my frequent mentioning, I'm a big fan of Touhou, it's games, music and characters (sumireko usami is best girl).

And that's a lot of text, Well I'll leave it at that, Let me know if there's anything else you want to know or if you just wanna talk, My other contacts are in my Signature.
Have fun~
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