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T'is I Kitty or Feather.... Whatever you wanna call me.

In game you can recognize me as "Feather". Being one of the oldest players on Lucentcraft. Which is now Lucenria. I've seen much evolution of the server. From being Factions into being Kingdoms, now Towny. There is much that i have explored on my time here.
Straight to the facts about me cause not many wanna read a novel of a biography about me.
Name : Ethan
Sex : Male
Age : 16
Birthday : March 14th, 2002.
High School Junior
Eye color : Blue
Favorite color(s) : Orange, blue, black (even though its a void of color)
Favorite food : Pizza and some other foods battle for the top.
Polymath. (multi-talented) Hyper mobility, good at math, good at the drums, artistic.
Personality : Normally I'm just a goofy and weird person. Sometimes scary weird(i don't like that either). Never anger me cause I'm not one for aggravated situations.
Hair: my natural hair is darker brown. Its blonde right now.
There's some things you now know about me. Sorry for not taking much time on this cause i just didn't really feel like taking all the time to type out a bunch.
Likes: ManaForce


New member
Don't apologize for introducing yourself! It's awesome to hear more about you and I will be looking forward to seeing more from you in the future!


Lady of Lucenria
I never know what to call you, Kitty? Feather? Ash? Please send help. ;-;

Anyways, glad to have you with us, as usual! ^-^