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New member
Hey all,
This will be my introduction and an invitation to get involved with my activities. I ain't a hardcore player on the server, in fact, I was for a brief period but got turned off and I am back to kick some ass. I will be recruiting for my town and helping the server out as much as I can. Feel free to hit me up for a chat even if not server related at all. I'm always open to whoever may need it. I'm going to start writing a Fan Fiction of sorts about the server but it will be my own storyline through the server as it is an RPG server. If anyone wants to be involved in that as well make sure to message me and I can add your character in.

This will be me signing out and I hope ya'll enjoy the rest of your day,
- Sir Mana


Lady of Lucenria
Welcome, Sir Mana!

That's super awesome that you're going to be writing a Fan Fiction about the server. I look forward to seeing what you write. (If you're willing to share, of course!).

Hope to see you around in-game. ^-^