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Recruitment for the Willowitch Manor Settlement has begun.

Willowitch Manor stands in the picturesque lands no more than a Day's walk from spawn if you're stubborn. It is a young settlement and there is still plenty of room to shape the future alongside me, I am excited to have you along. But more importantly, what can I offer you?

Undines - The Manor rises proudly over a picturesque lake, deep enough for an undersea town of its own, the cool crystal water is untouched

Dryads -as a fellow Dryad, I chose a place wrapped softly in spruce forests, and the town is equipped to feed an entirely vegetarian population.

Oreads - while not yet prepared to accommodate you, very soon our mining endeavour will begin, opening tunnels and caves for you to do with as you please

Humans - you guys are tough, you'll be perfectly fine, unfortunately, if you want meat, it will fall to you to hunt it yourself

Follow server rules.
No raiding.
No greifing.
No excessive language or hostility, we're here to be friends.
Pointless builds aren't appreciated, as the aesthetic of the area is important
also please don't destroy the lake, it's pretty and we love it
No hostility.
Do not make war with other towns, c'mon
Just don't be a dick and we're okay, okay?